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Jorus Travar | The Orfful Tag

Commentary by Dmitri: Since Jorus happens to be dead, I took the liberty of answering these questions from his point of view if he had been asked these questions a minute previous to his death.


1. What is your homeworld?
I was born on Umbara, but I count Tython as my homeworld, since that’s all I knew for most of my young years.

2. Do you have any family?
I don’t know them, but I’m sure I’ve got parents. Maybe a brother or a sister, too. I’ve never met them. But I know my name came from my parents, not from the Order.

3. What are some of your goals in life?
As a Jedi Shadow, my legal occupation is to hunt down the Dark Side wherever it manifests. This is also a personal goal, as I’m sure my history relates. I’d also like to take down the remnants of the bounty hunters who smashed the Temple jail cells—Dorn and Essa. Blotting out Gnawthrul Haniri’s legacy of death is yet another goal I have. I also want to discover the location of Tallusi—the Veiled Planet—and take down the remnants of the Sith Octarchy.
Aside from my job, I want to find my Master, Kyra Solari. I want to revisit every planet in the Koros System and see what’s happened since the Koros War ended. And I’d like to go back to Utapau again. To Shalom. Where Shiebrynn died. And I’d like to stand there, alone. Alone with my memories.

4. Who do you count as your best friend?
In my Hopeful years, my best friend was Blackman Chard. He was a year older than I am, and we shared the same interests. I lost contact with him, however, after Master Solari took me as her Padawan, and she became my best friend then. Later, it was Shiebrynn. After Master Solari was exiled and Shiebrynn died, though, I closed myself off from most close friendships. I suppose my closest friends are Cald Arenna, Tarmys Darumar, Darid Kirin, and Varyth Shen. Varyth died in the Koros War. They’re part of the Jedi Union, same as I am, and that bound us together.

5. Do you have a hobby? If so, what is it?
No, not really.

6. What is your species?
I’m Umbaran. Pureline Umbaran, to be exact, descended from Wraith.

7. Who would you like to be most of all?
Myself and no one else. Very easy answer.

8. What was the most devastating moment of your life?
To see Shiebrynn shot by Sith troopers while I struggled helplessly against Gadorin—that ravaged me. Deeply. Permanently. But in that nightmare of a day, the most devastating moment was when I sat in the midst of death and destruction and held her cold body. And I never even got to say goodbye. She died before Gadorin did.

9. What was the best moment of your life?
The best moment of my life was one of many on Utapau in Shalom. With Shiebrynn. When the acklay had attacked and was driven away. I came near to dying, and that scared Shiebrynn. She cried after the release of tension. So I held her, to comfort her. And she revealed that she cared for me—revealed through actions, not through words. Remembering that drove my lightsaber to greater exertions in the Koros War and other missions that possessed a degree of saber combat. So that was the best moment of my life, one that I will remember to my death.

10. Who are your enemies?
Oh, I have a lot of enemies. Gnawthrul Haniri, Essa Haniri, Dorn Thelcar, Mark Tane, the Sith Octarchy, the Dark Jedi Shadow Argol Dos, Aetherix Darone, Gorbo the Hutt, and basically every Sith and Dark Jedi in the galaxy. I have also clashed with several Jedi—Neera Talinth, Ruo Bron, Urwen Kel. Probably some others, too. So I have a lot of enemies—more enemies than allies, it seems.

11. Who do you count as your archenemy?
Probably Argol Dos, a Dark Jedi Shadow. Among all my enemies, Argol possesses skills that are very similar to mine. I was sent to protect one of his rumoured targets on Arkania Prime five years ago. He very nearly killed Tamna Vandor before I stopped him, and all through that gamble, I had no idea who was going to win. So Argol is my archenemy for the reason that he’s very similar to myself in point of skills but very different from myself in point of morals. He fought the best out of all my opponents, as well. Better than Gnawthrul Haniri did. Better than Lord Kantin of the Octarchy did. But he’s five years dead now. So I suppose Gnawthrul is my archenemy now, along with Essa and Dorn.

12. Do you have any mechanical appendages?
You’d probably expect it, and you’d be right. I have two mechanical fingers on my right hand from a fight with Argol. I also have a metal plate in my knee from an old injury in the Koros War. And I don’t think this counts, but I also wear a camera connected to the hearing aid in my right ear.

13. Who and/or what has impacted you the most?
Throughout my life, Shiebrynn has impacted me the most. Without Shiebrynn, I don’t know what I’d be. Master Solari taught me a lot. So did Darid, Tarmys and Varyth. I shared dreams with Cald and became his unofficial mentor, so we rubbed off on each other. Argol Dos also taught me things—his conduct inspired me to do the opposite. He fell to the Dark Side, compromising his Jedi beliefs in the process. I considered that and decided never to compromise, always to stay true, always to stay faithful.

14. If you could choose to save yourself or your best friend, who would you save?
I would die a hundred times over for Shiebrynn. To save her, I would surrender even if it meant intense torture until the day my torturers killed me. To save her, I would die. My greatest regret is I was unable to do just that.

15. What do you want to do after retiring?
I have no intention of retiring. I will live a Jedi Shadow; I will die a Jedi Shadow. I do not want to die in a bed with creaking joints and shivering hands from many years. I want to die in battle, to give up my life for ultimate victory, to sacrifice myself for my friends. That is the greatest sacrifice anyone can give—a sacrifice where I myself gain nothing, but they gain everything. That is the death I want to die.
Had it been different, though…if Gadorin had not attacked Shalom, if Gadorin’s soldiers had not killed every inhabitant of that village save one…then I would have given my saber and my skills to protecting Shiebrynn as her husband, to protecting Shalom as its guardian. I would have lived to the end of my days with her—whether in Shalom or across the galaxy, till death do us part…with Shiebrynn.

Jorus Travar
Jedi Shadow


Commentary by Dmitri: And finally, I (Dmitri) tag Neera Talinth, Jedi Council Member. (I originally tagged Jaider, but Lylyss already answered with Essa previous to Jorus' reply.)

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  1. You seem mighty attached to this Shiebrynn gal.

    1. Nothing that you would understand, Thelcar.

    2. Kal. Darth. Kal. Not Thelcar. Not Dorn. Darth Kal. Get it right.

  2. That last answer, and questions 8 and 9 . . . You're making me almost cry. Again. Especially that last question. If only . . .

    Was anyone else slightly disappointed when they read that Argol Dos was dead? I thought for sure Dmitri was setting up another villain for us to face.

    1. Oh, good. I love making people cry or almost cry. Yes…if only…

      I discovered the existence of Argol Dos when I decided that I wanted to write another Jorus backstory like Cry of the Acklay…which I haven't finished yet. I haven't finished planning it, though. But I'm quite sure he dies in the story, which is called Shadow's Gamble.

  3. Really good, Jorus! :) Loved it as always.

  4. Ooooh! Who's SHIEBRYNN? *wiggles eyebrows* I didn't know there was a Shiebrynn. Interesting…

    1. Go ahead, Essa. Gloat away. There has been nothing in your life that will allow you to comprehend what Shiebrynn means to me.

    2. Nothing in my life, huh? Nothing in my cold, miserable, evil, vomitus-leechy life that would allow me to understand your righteous, perfectious, sunshine-and-daisies life with a certain Shiebrynn. *rolls eyes* Yeah. Whatevs. But I admit, I'm surprised. You didn't strike me as a very sentimental guy.

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